A Family Story


An impending War forces a gut-wrenching decision for the Rossi family to separate. Antonio, the youngest of the three brothers decides to make the perilous journey to the new world with his new wife Sofia. Success, failure, heartache & tests of faith all challenge the young couple as their family grows and traditions are embraced.

Faith, morality, life, death, fortitude, success, failure, tradition & love all compile the story of Angelina in this fiction that resonates deeply with Italian Americans.

About the Authors

John Resini was born in Wilmington Delaware, the grandson of Italian immigrants. He served in the United States Marine Corp as a Lance Corporal. Following his service he worked as a union meat cutter for 35 years and has since retired. John is currently writing his 2nd book scheduled for release September 2021.

Ben Resini is a 4th generation Italian American born in Wilmington Delaware. He works as a professional photographer, writer and advocate for the preservation of Italian American culture.

September 2021

Italian American Herald Review

"A sweeping and easy-to-read saga that deftly chronicles the determination of Italian immigrants, a story that should stir the soul of any of today's Italian Americans."

Coming Soon

of an Italian Seaside Town

The Lemon Wars

Nestled between the sun-soaked beaches and fedora-clad tourists of the Amalfi Coast lies Orenzio, a picturesque yet mysterious town situated high above the daily cacophony of the seaside below.

It was 1995. Bleach blondes in Capri pants, rich kids in rented Fiats and tourists from all corners flood the Piazza’s up and down the coast each Summer for the biggest Limoncello fest in all of Italy. A seven day affair full of drunk bourgeoisie vacationers without a care in the world and plenty of money to spend.