How commission paintings work & how to submit a request ...

Art doesn't have to be difficult. Unfortunately many times it can be daunting to try and commission an artist for a personalized painting.

My decade as a wedding photographer helped me realize that this process should also be easy for clients. Art is for everyone to enjoy and adding a commissioned work to your home, office or collection can be incredibly rewarding.

Below I outline how clients can easily submit a request for a painting & how the process works.

What is a Commission?

An artist commission is simply a request by a client (you) to the artist (me) to paint a specific subject. Whether it's a favorite landscape or cityscape, your vision is what the artist will attempt to capture in the chosen medium (oil, acrylic or watercolor).

How to get started ...

It's easier than you might expect. The first step is to contact me to describe your vision for a painting. It can be a complete original idea or something similar to some of my past work. From there we quickly work out the details including size of the painting & the medium you prefer.

Pricing, Lead Time & FAQ

Artists work in different mediums, materials used to complete a painting. I work primarily with oil, acrylic & watercolors. Oil & Acrylic paintings are almost always done on Gesso-primed stretched canvas while watercolors are done on Cold Press paper. Pricing for your painting is dependent upon the size and scope of the work requested. Lead Times are dependent upon my work load at the time of your request. Most times smaller paintings are completed and delivered within 2 months. Larger paintings naturally require longer lead times.

Have an Idea ... Let's Chat!

I am currently accepting commissions for new work.

Send me a note to get started!