Flash back almost two years ago, before the global pandemic had clenched its nasty grip across the globe. Before any of us knew what the next year would hold, my father was jotting down notes on his legal pad. I knew he was writing a story, one that I was deeply interested in knowing about and ultimately becoming part of the project itself.

Over the next 18 months (give or take) my father and I collaborated on our first novel together which he aptly titled "Angelina". The process was not only an enriching experience, but extremely fulfilling once we held that first copy in our hands. Our smiles were wide with excitement as we realized we had just officially completed our work and published a book!

It wasn't easy, nor was it quick and without perseverance. But we accomplished this vision together, as father and son. It's been the most rewarding experience of my life.

Flash forward to today and our book is now available exclusively for sale on Amazon. Initial feedback and reviews have been both humbling and joyful. We are hearing feedback from readers that simply makes us burst with pride and happiness. There's no feeling quite like hearing from folks that enjoy your work.

Our novel is an immigrant story that follows two Italian families and their unique experience coming to the new world, forging a path of both fortitude, failure & success along the way.

A recent review in the Delaware Valley Italian American Herald wrote:

"A beguiling saga that deftly chronicles the determination of Italian immigrants, a story that should stir the soul of any Italian Americans today"

Our novel, "Angelina" can be found in select locations around Wilmington Delaware and online via the Amazon Bookstore via the link below.