Charcoal sketch

Blocking in the background

Adding shadow areas

Adding White areas

Defining facial features

Final Image

Timelapse of first block in steps

My next attempt at a Master Study was taken from Caravaggio's work "Judith and Holofernes". Like my previous attempt on the Abraham painting, I decided to stick to the portraiture of the main character of the original painting.

My process begins with a charcoal white sketch or general outline of the portrait, followed up with blocking in the background with lamp black. Note: I ground my paintings with Burnt Sienna Acrylic. It dries very quickly and provides a nice warm tone.

After blocking in shadows and white areas I began working on the facial features, doing my best to capture a likeness to her original expression. One of the defining features for me on this image is the distinct shadow underneath her nose.

The painting took around 1 week to complete with another month allowing it to dry. Afterwards I finished the painting with a coat of Gamvar Gloss varnish.